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        IRISH SCHOOL OF CHARCUTERIE FROM                   BLAIR HOUSE FARM CHARCUTERIE                         & WALKER PORK PRODUCTS           

      Be Authentic - Preparing for the Future       with Real Artisan Food & Ingredients

Know Where Your Food Comes From

Blair House Farm Preserving Lost Traditions in Specialty Home or Business Production of Sausages - Chorizo - Pork Burgers & Meatballs

Now Taste the Difference

One Day introductory course guaranteed to be instructive as we explore and breakdown the components to produce - NOT JUST a SAUSAGE, but HIGH QUALITY FOOD


This course is essential for the real meat lover for family home production, hobbyists, chefs, food professionals and for existing and aspiring artisan producers as well as complete newcomers to have an understanding of the types of pork to prepare at home or for your restaurant or business. The course has been designed to meet all levels of interest and experience.

A Sausage Recipe is just the first step in making Quality Sausages. At Blair House Farm we have over 50 years experience of Specialty Sausage Production using meat from our own porcine herd. We have the Experience and Capabilities to produce any type of fresh sausages from around the world.

Specialty Home or Business Production of Boerewors - “Boerekos” - South African Cuisine

                                                    A SPECIAL FLAVOUR MAKES A WHOLE WORLD BETTER!                                                      Sausage & Burger Flavour Mix, Spices & Seeds

And There's More Spices from La Boutique delle Spezie®

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 The Irish - Spanish & Italian Pantry at Blair House Farm

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