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La Boutique delle Spezie®


Flavour your dish with our spices and seeds   from all over the world.

The craft of butchery or charcuterie, bakery or confectionery and home production is equal parts art and science—with, sometimes, a morsel of engineering. At times, you will follow your instinct; at others, an anatomical chart will be indispensable. Arm yourself with in-depth knowledge and the best tools, and you will be successful at this ancient (now modern) craft. There are no set rules (except to follow your stomach!),

Know Where Your Food Comes From   Preparing for the Future





The Taste Buds on our tongue are responsible for different taste profiles; some basic tastes are sweet, salty, bitter, sour and Umami. Taste is signalled by the action of the gustatory system. ... Flavour is a combination of gustatory and olfactory systems. Flavour is a broader term than taste.



Blair House Farm want to offer their Customers high-quality ideas and recipes, offering a wide range of Spices and Breading as well as Natural Mixes of spices for Spaghetti and various Condiments and Seasoning recognized by the good Italian Taste.








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Taste is just one aspect of flavour. ... Flavour refers to the smell and to the texture of food, as well as the taste of food. Taste refers to the actual connection of the tongue and taste buds in the mouth to recognize the basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter salty and umami.






La Boutique delle Spezie® created to meet the needs of Customers as a Supplier of Food Products, Spices, Natural Blends for Meat Processing, Bakery, Gastronomy and Confectionery Sector.






 The Italian Pantry at Blair House Farm

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