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Italian Sausages and Meat Products

There are 20 major regions in Italy that produce a total of 897 meat products and sausages

Those products can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Products awarded European PDO certificate of origin (21)
  • Products awarded European PGI certificate of origin (20)
  • Traditional Products (Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali) PAT (567)
  • Other meat products (289)

Such a distinguished product can only be produced in approved areas by authorized manufacturers in Italy although it can be shipped and sold anywhere.



Salami di Felino

This dry aged sausage is recognized by its uneven shape, one end being smaller than the other. The salami is aged for three months. Unlike the majority of salamis on the market, Salame Felino is packed exclusively in natural casings (i.e. never synthetic ones).


Salami Milano

Salami Milano and Salami Genoa are very similar and they both incorporate different proportions of raw materials. Some typical combinations: 50/30/20 (this recipe), 40/40/20 or 40/30/30. Salami Genoa is also known as Salami di Alessandra. Salami Milano is chopped somewhat finer than Salami Genoa.



Salami Finocchiona - Fennel

The Italian name for fennel is “finocchio” so it comes as no surprise that Finocchiona salami is characterized by the aroma of the fennel.


Salami Cacciatora

Salami Cacciatora is a popular short salami also known as Hunter’s sausage (‘alla cacciatora’ means ‘hunter-style’). The sausage owes its name to the tradition that once it was the meal of hunters, who used to carry it in his bag during the hunting trips.

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