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Using the Right Ingredients for the Perfect Paella - Spanish Fine Foods from Olmeda Origenes

Widely acclaimed as the most popular Spanish dish, paella combines saffron-flavored rice with a wide array of additional ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, or meat. Although the original paella was created in Valencia, where it was made with seasonal vegetables, poultry, and rabbit, in modern-day Spain, the name is used to denote all rice dishes prepared in a paellera or paella - the traditional shallow pan that is used both for cooking and serving.

The exact additional ingredients used in paella have long been a matter of dispute, but what everyone agrees on is that each paella should have a subtle saffron flavor. Another crucial element is socorrat, the crispy layer that makes the base of every paella.


Spain, our life style, traditions, history, passion and a team dedicated to bring the best of our gastronomy to your table. This is Olmeda Orígenes... We are from the countryside,... the authentic countryside.

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