Know Where Your Food Comes From - Be Authentic 

 Preparing for the Future - with Real Food

Street Food has seen a major rise in popularity in recent years as it offers consumers restaurant-quality cuisine at economical prices and offers an endless culinary variety of traditional dishes for every taste. 

If you are passionate about owning your own business, there is no better time to set up a Street Food Business.

We have available Street Food Franchise for our Gourmet Sausage Range, Burgers, Pork Ribs and Pulled Pork Range, Pig on a Spit, Tapas & Pizza.

Now Taste the Difference



Complete Range of Walker's Gourmet Sauces, Marinades, Mayo, Mustard & Relish

Ideal Opportunity to Run Your Own Business: 
Street Food Popups - Corporate Food Pod Catering - Wedding Parties - Private Hire & Events

Be Authentic - Preparing for the Future with Real Food

                              The Healthy Pig                                          Walker's Gourmet Sausage Rolls                                      Baps & Sandwiches                                       
                  Walker's Gourmet Burgers                                        Pork Ribs & Pulled Pork                         
Franchise No 1

Street Food on the Go..........

 10 Gourmet Sausage Flavours                                             4 Italian Style Gourmet Sausage Flavours         

 (Further Sausage Flavours Available Depending on   Location) Plus Cocktail Sausages.

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork - Pork Burgers(3 Flavours), Pork Ribs & Belly Pork with Our Walker's Gourmet Premium Sauce & Marinades and BBQ Rubs.

                               The Healthy Pig                                                                     
                                  Pig on a Spit                                                     
     Walker's Gourmet Sausages & Burgers                               Pork Ribs & Pulled Pork                                 
Franchise No 2

The Event & Party Package........

Spit Ready Hog from 45kg to 85kg or Boneless Full Shoulder Pork or Boneless Legs of Pork for Spit.

Full Range of Cocktail Sausage & Gourmet Sausage Flavours Available for your Menu. (Depending on your Event). 

Pork Burgers(3 Flavours), Pork Ribs & Belly Pork with Walker's Gourmet Premium Sauce & Marinades.

The Healthy Pig - Charcuterie Boards - Cocktails - Tapas - Pizza - Franchise No 3

                Perfect for - Corporate Food Catering               Wedding Parties - Private & Special Events 

 Authentic Blair House Farm Charcuterie         Authentic Spanish Artisan Ingredients for Tapas   Authentic Italian Ingredients for Pizza 

Use the CONTACT US section to express your Franchise interest.

 Our refreshing organic soft drinks are thirst-quenching and offer a great taste experience


Perfect for - Corporate Food Catering - Wedding Parties - Private & Special Events

Be Authentic - Preparing for the Future with Real Food 

All food businesses, big or small, operating from a mobile unit or food stall, must be aware of the legislation regarding food hygiene and food safety. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring the food purchased and produce and sell is safe. We at "The Healthy Pig" will guide you through this process.

All Meat Products, Sauces, Mayo, Relish & Marinades, Coleslaw, Olives & Pickles, Bread Rolls & Baps, Packaging & Utensils including Training and Menu Guidance by Walker's Gourmet Sausage Franchise

Walker's Gourmet Sausage Franchise "The Healthy Pig" at Blair House Farm

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